Gallery portal

You may access your session galleries and documents using the portal links below. Once your images are ready, I will email you a password to both the portal as well as your specific gallery. By default I make all galleries private, but if you'd like for yours to be publicly available just let me know. Additionally, if you've forgotten your gallery password, please don't hesitate to reach out and I'll happily provide it for you!

Preparation Guides

I've put together a few simple guides with recommendations around how to prepare for your session. Here you'll find suggestions to make each session go smoothly and for the images to come out as beautiful as possible!

Referral Program

It is the absolute highest form of praise when you refer Alaina Hower Photography to your family and friends. The referral program is my way of showing a token of appreciation for your trust. Referral credits are flexible and can be used in various ways!