A Tribute to the art of competition

Showing isn't just about a few moments in the ring - it's the quiet moments before the storm, the adrenaline in warm-up, the thrill of success, and so much more. I strive to immortalize the atmosphere of competition, capturing power, movement, and emotion in crisp, delicate detail.

Clinic & Schooling Coverage

Full Coverage of XC Schooling or Clinic
Online Gallery
~50 Digital Images per Hour*

*There will be 1-3 shots per jumping effort and candid photos in between, so this number will depend on how active your group is.

$150 per hour

Class Coverage

Full Coverage of a Single Class/Round/Test
15+ Digital Images
Private Online Gallery


3-Day Event Coverage

Full Coverage of Each Phase
Includes Warm-Up for All Days
40+ Digital Images
Private Online Gallery
$50 Print Credit


Barn Discounts

Barn discounts are available for multiple riders or multiple rounds for an individual on the same day.

Inquire for custom pricing


Do you take show requests?

Absolutely! My attendance will depend on interest, but I am certainly open to suggestions, particularly for local or California-based shows.

How will I receive my images?

Digitals are included in every session package that I offer! I love being able to give clients the ability to share their images with friends and family online. The digitals you receive are considered ‘digital proofs’ and will be sent for social media use only. These images are not permitted to be printed except through my professional printing labs to achieve the highest quality. You will receive your images, usually through email, with a link to a personalized online gallery from which you can download the files straight to your computer. Completion of images depends on the type of session, but my typical turn around is 3-4 weeks.

Can I post my images on social media?

I highly encourage you share images with your friends! Credit is always very appreciated (most of my clientele comes from word of mouth) but not required. If you want to credit, tag Alaina Hower Photography on Facebook or @alainahowerphotography on Instagram. I love seeing images posted, so tagging also has the awesome side-effect of notifying me when you do!

Can I purchase printing rights?

Absolutely! If you’d like to purchase High Resolution Digitals with the ability to print yourself, I do sell Printing Rights to the images in the your session, as well as other images you see in my selected galleries. If you’d like to purchase printing rights, please inquire on pricing.

How do I pay for a session?

There are several options to choose from. If you wish to pay online with credit card, there will be an option to pay online when I send you the online contract! I also take cash, check, Venmo, Paypal, or whatever is easiest for you.
All sessions require a $100 security deposit that will be applied towards your final balance. The deposit must be paid in order to hold your session date and will only be refunded if the session is forced to be cancelled due to inclement weather. If I’m unable to make the session for whatever reason, the deposit will also be returned. 

Do you charge a travel fee?

Travel fees may be included depending on distance, but will always be discussed with you prior to booking. Generally, for trips traveling outside of my general location (the San Francisco Peninsula) that require flying, bridge/freeway tolls, or driving long distances, I charge a flat fee for all clients to cover travel expenses. If you're not sure if this will apply to you, you are more than welcome to ask! 

Can I order prints of my images?

Of course! I work with a fabulous print shop to offer you physical prints in multiple sizes. Each of your photos is a piece of fine art and should be appreciated as such, whether on your wall or in an album on your coffee table. There are plenty of options and prices available, and if you have a size not listed on my product page linked above you may certainly request a custom option - I almost always can breathe life into your vision!

Can you Photoshop my image?

In a past life I was actually a VFX artist in Hollywood, specifically a matte painter. If you don't know what I'm talking about, those are the guys who replace greenscreens with fabricated backgrounds in film and TV. In a nutshell, I've been using Photoshop for over 20 years and and can accomplish mostly anything with enough time and effort.
A lot of work goes into portraits to make them flawless, which includes touch-ups. Don't be worried about scratches, scars, or other blemishes. If you are or feel that I missed something, feel free to ask and I will remove them free of charge.
That being said, even with extensive training in Photoshop, it is exceptionally difficult to clean a dirty animal or fix your hair with post-processing. The cleaner and tidier the better! There are some things that are simply not in the scope of my photography offerings - if you're determined to have a particular edit, let's discuss the time and resources it'll take to help you achieve your vision and we can go from there!